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The "Let us entertain you" deck.

"Looks like a deck, feels like a deck, but it's completely different" - Bonnie from Three Birds Renovations (above left).

Resistant to rotting, splintering, warping, termites and spilt champagne, HardieDeck™ is the smarter way to entertain in style.

Replace a rotten or splintered timber deck.

Timber decks are beautiful. When they’re new. But the timber can lose its colour and start to grey quickly without regular staining or oiling to slow the degradation process. Over time the timber is susceptible to splintering and warping in the sun, rotting and swelling due to moisture and even being eaten by termites. HardieDeck is resistant to damage from all those things, as long as it’s installed and maintained correctly. Installation is fast and easy. And as HardieDeck is more durable than timber it requires less re-painting or re-staining.

HardieDeck with a Merbau timber look using Integrain NaturalStain.

Build a low to the ground deck.

Have you got a place in the backyard where the grass won’t grow? HardieDeck can be installed close to the ground. The boards won’t cup from moisture like timber boards can. HardieDeck can be installed as low as 50mm off the ground.

Build a pool deck to last.

While pool areas are a sunny oasis for people, they can be torture for timber decks. The heat and UV rays from the sun can cause splitting, splintering and shrinking. Meanwhile dampness and saturation from the pool can lead to rotting, swelling and warping.
HardieDeck is ideal for pool areas. The compressed fibre cement boards are resistant to damage from rot and moisture. The joiners are durable coated aluminium. All you need to do to adapt HardieDeck for pools and coastal areas is upgrade the fixing screws to stainless steel ones.

CSIRO certified deck for bushfire prone areas and flame zones.

Bushfire approved (BAL-FZ) HardieDeck boards are deemed non-combustible by the National Construction Code (NCC) of Australia.
HardieDeck is suitable for all bushfire attack levels including Flame Zones as specified in AS 3959-2009 Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas.

HardieDeck can be installed in up to half the time of a timber deck.

Less screws and no pre-drilling. HardieDeck boards are installed with a joining system that conceals the screws. This efficient system, combined with the board width mean there’s no need for time-consuming pre-drilling and it can be installed with up to 80% less screws than a 90mm wide board timber deck.

Less joists and extra span capacity. Available in 3000mm lengths, HardieDeck is designed to span up to 500mm, 50mm more than a typical deck. That means HardieDeck can be installed with less joists creating savings on materials and labour.

If HardieDeck sounds perfect for you, we can help you with a rough price estimate if you know the dimensions. The HardieDeck price estimate calculator helps you collect the details you need to get an accurate quote from your nearest HardieDeck retailer. If you’re installing HardieDeck yourself, you’ll find the HardieDeck technical page helpful. Or if you’re looking for an installer to build you a HardieDeck, we can help with that too. And if you still have questions fill in an enquiry form and we'll email you back, or call us on 13 83 53 (during business hours on weekdays).

For more information click on our HardieDeck brochure below.

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