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Frequently Asked Questions

Can HardieDeck™ be installed low to the ground?

Yes. HardieDeck can be installed close to the ground. The boards won’t cup from moisture like timber boards can. HardieDeck can be installed as low as 50mm off the ground. However, like other building materials it should not be left submerged or sitting in standing water. And ensure that the deck has adequate cross ventilation underneath. So don't box in all sides with fascia boards. For more information download the HardieDeck Installation Guide from the Technical Details page.

Can HardieDeck™ be installed in bushfire prone areas?

Yes. HardieDeck boards are fibre cement which is “deemed non-combustible” under Australia’s National Construction Code and suitable for even the highest bushfire attack levels. The Fast-Track fixing system is made from powder coated aluminium which has been certified for use in bushfire prone areas including BAL-FZ by CSIRO. In certain bushfire attack levels there may be additional requirements for framing and balustrades. For more information please see the HardieDeck Installation Guide on the Technical Details page.

Is HardieDeck™ suitable around pools and in coastal areas?

HardieDeck is ideal for around pools and in coastal areas. All you need to do is upgrade the fastening screws to stainless steel. And you may find the frequency of cleaning needs to be increased to remove the salt from sea spray. For more information see "Care Instructions" towards the bottom of the Technical Details page.

How can I use HardieDeck™ over existing tiles, pavers or concrete?

HardieDeck can be installed over an existing floor using 45mm timber battens. Ensure there is adequate drainage and the battens should run in the direction of fall to ensure they do not retain water under the deck. Note that the existing floor or substrate needs to be of suitable strength to support the HardieDeck system and any live loads. And ensure that the deck has adequate cross ventilation underneath. So don't box in all sides with fascia boards. Contact us if you need further information.

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