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Coating HardieDeck™

HardieDeck is a three part system comprising of:

  1. Compressed fibre cement boards,
  2. Aluminium jointers to fix the boards to joists, and
  3. A coating to protect the surface of the boards.

Colour, clear seal or timber stain HardieDeck?

HardieDeck can be painted just about any colour. Start by choosing a paving paint colour from a colour chart at your hardware store or paint supplier.

How To Paint HardieDeck.

If you decide you like the look of the raw boards and the subtle variations in the cement tones you can go for a clear sealer. If you take this option be mindful of the boards you select and be careful not to damage or create unwanted cosmetic marks on the boards during construction.

How To Clear Seal HardieDeck.

Achieve a classic timber look with the durability of a cement composite deck by staining HardieDeck with a timber stain

How To Timber Stain HardieDeck.

Coat HardieDeck within 60 Days.

HardieDeck™ needs to be coated with a trafficable paving sealer or paving paint within 60 days of installation. Paving sealers and paints are durable and are used on verandas, paths and driveways. Coating is performed after the boards and base jointers have been laid and before the snap-in strips and edge caps are fitted.

Choosing a Colour

Popular colours - Greys are the most popular HardieDeck™ colours so far. That’s not surprising, greys have been on trend as a house paint colour in recent years.

Industrial raw look - Raw with Clear Coat to create an urban industrial vibe

Heritage colours - Terracotta colours can be used to match bricks, tiles or other surfaces.

Surface Preparation

Prior to applying paints or sealers, the deck surface must be cleaned and allowed to dry. Dust and dirt on the surface will affect the adhesion of surface coatings, and may result in blistering or peeling. Follow the surface preparation instructions from the coating manufacturer.
Caution. Acid etching, which is commonly used in the preparation of concrete surfaces, is not recommended on HardieDeck™.

When re-coating your HardieDeck™

  • The deck surface must be cleaned in accordance with the paint manufacturer’s specification.
  • Apply masking tape over the snap-in cover strips. As paints may not be compatible with the powder coating on the strips, it is not recommended they be painted over.
  • Alternately, the snap-in cover strips may be removed and replaced with new cover strips after re-painting. The snap-in cover strips may be purchased separately.